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So Far Away [fic] [FMA]

Title: So Far Away
Author/Artist: in__conspicuous 
Character/Pairing: Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, Riza Hawkeye, Hayate (Roy/Hawkeye if you're in my brain, but it's really not meant to be.)
Fandom: FullMetal Alchemist
Genre: Hurt/Sadness
A/N: Uh... spoilers if you didn't know who Roy's alchemy teacher was? Also, I haven't written in a LONG TIME. For FMA, it's been almost two years? Yeah, pardon me if my character voices are off, I'll get better.
Theme:1. 2am. for 64damn_prompts 

Summary:  It was now a routine for Roy to be visiting an old friend at around 2 am with his alcohol of choice. Tears were not necessary.


So Far Away
by in__conspicuous

Prompt: 2 AM.


He sat rather stubbornly, with legs crossed, in front of that cement slab that bore his name, his new rank, the years of his existence and that simple epitaph that was left for him. There was a fresh batch of flowers lying on the grass. Probably the Elrics’, he thought. He’s read enough of his mother’s old thrillers to assume that maybe he wasn’t dead and that maybe he really was going to the country with his family, much like that fib he told the Elrics. Hah, if only it was true.

“I never understood why you liked this drink,” he laughed as he gulped down what was left in the Black Velvet whisky bottle. He’s had his fair share of drinks over the years, but Hughes’ choice of drink was one of the few that boggled him. It was cheap and nasty and in his opinion, wasn’t exactly a gentleman’s drink. (Although Hughes would always mock him about not being a gentleman, anyway.)

A croak escaped his throat. It was then that he realized that he could no longer hold back the tears that he had held back for days. “Damn man, you’re making me look like a snivelling idiot,” he inserted a couple of chuckles in between his sobs.

It was always after work, after he has left the company of his friends, Hawkeye and everyone else that he starts feeling a certain pain in his chest. It haunts him wherever he goes and lately, this was the only way he could go to sleep:  with a gulp of whiskey and some late night conversation with a good friend.

His sobs were now calmer, and his chest a little bit lighter. It still didn’t fully take away the pain, but he felt better. He knew that if Hughes could actually talk to him right now, he would call him and idiot and tell him to go home. Hawkeye would get mad in the morning, he would tease him.

But he wasn’t there anymore.

“Colonel,” Roy almost leaped over Hughes’ gravestone when he heard that voice.  “I’m sorry to startle you, but it’s late.”

“It is, Lieutenant. Why are you still out? It’s dangerous.” He could barely make out those words, but for the sake of appearing sober, he tried. It was then that he noticed a cold tongue licking his hand. It was Hayate.

“I have my bodyguard,” she smiled warmly at him. “I think it’s time to go home, sir. Nothing good ever happens after two.”

Roy scoffed, “And who said that lovely piece of wisdom?”

“Him, sir,” Hawkeye said as she looked at Hughes’ gravestone.  She remembers the conversation quite clearly, it was a humorous one. Hughes was telling her about how he almost ended up taking home a man who he swore was a woman. She wasn’t quite sure how they even got to that topic, but the moral of the story remained with her. Maybe she’ll share the story with the Colonel some other day, maybe he already knew.

Roy sighed. He took another gulp of whiskey. He didn’t even remember what he last said to Hughes, but he wished he could’ve at least said goodbye. He knew there was no point in wishing for what could have been because things have already happened, but he couldn’t help it.

“Sir, please,” Hawkeye’s voice was almost pleading, he thought.

“He’s so far away now. He used to always just be there, calling me… I…” Roy broke down, accidentally letting the whisky pour on the grass beside Hughes’ grave. He almost took them for granted, those calls Hughes would make about his wife, his marriage, his daughter and even his pleas for him to get married already. It was now so quiet in his office without the constant phone calls from Hughes.

Hawkeye sighed as she put her hand on his shoulders. He was there for her when her father died, the least she could do was be there for him now. “Sir, I think it’s time to go. It’s late.”

“You’re right,” Roy sniffed as he wiped his tears on his sleeve. There was nothing he could do about this, as much as he hated to admit that. “I’ll walk you home, lieutenant.”

“Sir, I think…”

“No, I’ll walk you home. I want to make sure you’re safe. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore,” Hawkeye sighed. The look on Roy’s face was the one she remembered of that boy from long ago who was determined to learn from her father. It was the look of the man who had decided he was going to be Fuhrer. Certainly, there was no arguing with him right now.

“If you insist, sir.”


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