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Title: ... the blue that is our skins
Author: in__conspicuous
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye
Rating: Uh... PG if you have ultra-imaginative imaginations I guess
Challenge: afterthesilence's Theme 2 (10 Themes)
Theme: Blue
Notes: Not that spoiler-ish. But it's supposed to be manga!verse, so yeah :D
Disclaimer: Hagaren lawfully belongs to Hiromu Arakawa. This is just some fanwork created by one of its fans. Thanks <3

…the blue that is our skins.

Copyright Eina



- - - - - - -



A/N: Hoping to get out of a slump. Moo.



- - - - - - -


We all regret choices we have made. No matter how much we try to coax ourselves with lies and beliefs that we have made said choices for a reason. The only thing we could do is to try and cope with our chosen paths, and make the best of it.


“Can’t sleep?” He mumbled softly against her soft blonde hair as they both lay naked, wrapped in each other’s warmth, on his bed that was made for one. “Hope you’re not uncomfortable.”


Shaking her head, she silently said, “No, it’s not that. I’ve just been thinking, that’s all.”


“Oh?” He said with a slight tone of tease in his voice, most of it was flooded by a big yawn he tried to suppress. “About what?”


“Have you ever felt like…” She sighed as she turned around. Now her bare back was facing his chest. She felt him nuzzle against the nape of her neck as she felt him playfully trace the lines on her back.


“Felt like what?” He asked.




It was a rather unusual sound. It was an alarm clock. “I didn’t know you had one.”


“You’d know more if you’d agree to come over more.” He smirked. “Hey, where are you going?” He asked as he noticed her wrap herself in his blanket and move away from his bed. Tugging it gently, “Come back here, I need that blanket, its cold you know!” He was enjoying every single second of this rare moment, catching the always alert and prepared Lieutenant Hawkeye vulnerable.


They struggle for a moment, trying to win over a measly piece of cloth that gave them warmth through the night. For so many years they had been together, but it was this times when they both felt like they really knew each other…


After a while, one gives up. Reason floods both of them, and they are reminded of something they have forgotten for the past twenty-four hours.


“You really need to get to work, huh?” He sighed as he watched her get dressed in a speed that was inhumane.


“What do you think?” She half-smiled as she put on her boots. Before, she really need not worry about being late seeing as her commanding officer always arrived a few minutes after the required time, but it was different now.


Everything was different now.


“Hey… what are you—?” She was all about to leave when she felt someone gently touch her on her hips. Obviously, it was him. Trying to buy more time.


It was rather unbelievable that she had already forgotten how persistent he can be. Oh god, but he was making sure she’d remember every single detail. She tried to tell him to stop, even though that was against her wishes, but all that escaped from her mouth was the pleasure she felt.


“I need to go.” Miraculously, she had managed to stop and let go. “Take care.” This time, she was not going to be defeated as she hurriedly dashed out of his room.


Only to be stopped, once more.


“What was that thing you were thinking about earlier?” He asked, out of curiosity.


“It was nothing.” She smiled as she closed the door.


We all regret the choices we make. It was a fact that no one can deny. We regret them because we knew we could’ve done better. We regret them because we knew we could’ve avoided them. But for Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, such regrets were considered to be rubbish. After all, the blue that they don was the blue that has become their skins.


They could not run away from it. They just have to make it better.



- - - - - - -


A/N: Whoa. Thank you Desperate Housewives. Yay! I made a fic. Please, critic me, especially with my grammar. I am fearing that I am de-learning English slowly. X_x Oh, and yes, tell me about this little ficcie. Because to be honest, this thing has been stuck in my head for 2-3 months now.


Thanks for reading :D


Yay <3
Tags: afterthesilence, fanfiction, fma, mangaverse, royai
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