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let plotbunnies run wild!
Roy and carrots.... [vector] 
04 16 06
Royai, duh.

Please tell me if something looks weird so I can change it... :D (and also tell me what you think, thank you very much :D)

roy and his carrots...

If anyone needs and wants the original image, just give this hobo a poke and I'll give it to you. :D Oh... and is it advisable to vector everything in this picture?

Happy easter, everyone!! :D

x-posted to: fm_alchemist, hagaren_manga, royai and hopefully at mustangism as well.
04 17 06 (UTC)
I think it's that the lines detailing his muscles and such are a bit too thick. They'd be suitable for Armstrong, but not Roy. xD I think either reducing those to a lower stroke thickness, or changing their colour like what was done on the nose and neck, would fix it.

Great job!
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