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let plotbunnies run wild!
Roy and carrots.... [vector] 
04 16 06
Royai, duh.

Please tell me if something looks weird so I can change it... :D (and also tell me what you think, thank you very much :D)

roy and his carrots...

If anyone needs and wants the original image, just give this hobo a poke and I'll give it to you. :D Oh... and is it advisable to vector everything in this picture?

Happy easter, everyone!! :D

x-posted to: fm_alchemist, hagaren_manga, royai and hopefully at mustangism as well.
04 17 06 (UTC)
With the way the shirt is bunched up, it almost looks like Roy's left arm has two elbows. Either way, love the expression on Roys face. I can just him bemoaning the fact he has to work for his food.
04 17 06 (UTC)
er, I meant right not left. My left when I'm looking at it ;p
04 17 06 (UTC)

Hehe, that happens, I didn't know what to call Roy's arms in the image so I just decided for arm one and arm two.. XD Hehe, and Arm One does look weird ><

Will redo that... because it bugs :D

Thank you for the comment :D
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